Created in 2016, the Uneed Services’s mission is to be the Marketplace in the provision of urgent services in the European market.

Using the most diverse technological means in this digital age, Uneed is the only Marketplace for urgent services that allows to check the proximity and time of arrival of a provider to the customer, putting the public and the service providers in contact to meet needs with the provision of convenient, fast and reliable services.

These technological means add value to the provision of services as traditional and necessary as the plumber or electrician, providing security by allowing the clear identification of the provider who will visit the client and perform the repairs.

In the same way that we give credibility to the provision of the service, we contribute, together with the community of partners, to provide excellent services in its most diverse activities.

Starting from personal experiences of incidents that arise, we realized that there was a gap in providing the most basic and important 24-hour assistance services.

In record time, we have developed a sustainable and profitable platform, business enhancer for urgent service providers and easy and safe use for customers.

Taking all the technological resources available – geo-referencing, geo-positioning, instant chat, etc … – we try to energize a sector of the economy: Manual workers.

Based on our idea, technological knowledge and know how in communication and marketing, we contact the most diverse segments of professionals:

  • Plumbers
  • Unclogging
  • Electricians
  • Painters
  • Home Appliance Technicians
  • Gas Technicians
  • Construction
  • Cleaners
  • Wood workers
  • Locksmiths
  • Air Conditioning

We look for the most qualified and experienced professionals so that their urgency is always solved quickly and effectively.

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