Did you know that the refrigerator is the most energy consuming appliance?

There are several environmentally friendly measures (and your wallet thanks you for them!) that you can adopt to reduce the energy costs generated by these appliances.

  1. Modern equipment are cooled by the extraction of heat from inside the refrigerator, so always maintaining a 10 cm to 15 cm space between the refrigerator and the wall helps release the heat extracted.
  2. Set the thermostat to 5ºC in the refrigerator and between -15ºC and -18ºC in the freezer.
  3. With some regularity, you can check that the rubbers on the equipment to assure that they are clean and that are in a good condition for a perfect door close (as this leads to a higher energy consumption).
  4. Opt to cover the liquids you put in the fridge, thus preventing the released vapors from forming ice in the appliance and minimizing its energy consumption.

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