Water is a precious resource and saving it is critical.

Taking advantage of days of heavy rain, Uneed Services gives you some suggestions on how to reuse this Mother Nature resource and save on some day-to-day tasks.

If we consider a traditional family of 4 people, the daily expenditure on discharges of flushing cisterns is around 165 liters, in case each element presses 4 times the discharge button of a 10 liters model. This represents an annual consumption of 60 thousand liters of water, which would serve to fill a pool of almost 7 meters long, 6 meters wide and more than 1.5 meters high.

Thus, using rainwater to supply the flush is a very economical and environmentally friendly solution. In the same way, you can enjoy the rain and store some water for the irrigation of indoor plants, future watering of patios, balconies or gardens, as well as for washing your car.

In the meantime, and because you can not give your taps total rest from home, remember that Uneed always has the best technicians, ready to act for any situation where you need an installation, repair or maintenance. Install our app now!