With children all the attention is not enough. The age of the “whys” and their innate curiosity lead to increased alert by any parent in order to ensure a safe environment for the growth of their children.

Protecting them from exposure to electricity is a concern of Uneed Services, so we suggest some useful safety and prevention tips:

  1. Always plug the sockets with plastic protectors, to safeguard any contact.
  2. Avoid placing objects of your children’s daily use near plugs, wires, or electrical appliances. Thus, colorful and attractive toys or objects must be kept clear and with a certain margin of safety.
  3. Explain to your children the importance of staying away from electrical appliances by pointing to the hazards of electricity, including their incompatibility with water.
  4. Keep electrical installations in good condition. Do not use loose or damaged wires.

If you need electrical repairs, Uneed Services is at your disposal with the most qualified and experienced technicians, always ready to help.