With intense rain there is a risk of flooding.

Uneed gives you some procedures to take into account in order to avoid possible floods and minimize their impact on the day-to-day.

The cleaning of accumulated waste in roofs, gutters and chimneys is a good preventive measure, as well as the clearing of existing drains in balconies, terraces or backyards. Likewise, caulking windows and doors or unclogging water lines that pass by dwellings are important actions to take into consideration. You can also arrange a metal screen for the doors of your room that give access to the exterior.

In case of flood, do you know what to do? At home, opt to turn off electricity, water, and gas, and by placing the most important personal documents and personal belongings in sealed plastic bags. Always have a supply of water and canned or packaged food, as well as a first aid kit, available. Remember to let go of the domestic animals, and if you are away from home, seek refuge in high ground. Always follow Civil Protection instructions.

If you need any domestic repairs (plumbing, gas or electricity), Uneed Services has the most specialized technicians available, able to solve your urgency on time and efficiently.

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