Mites, those irritating little critters that settle in the dust of the house to cause allergic reactions, itches, irritations of skin, among other problems. With the arrival of spring and allergies, we must prevent the entry of these micro-organisms in our homes. Uneed thus gives you some useful tips to get rid of this discomfort.

  1. Open windows to air: this is a simple and effective way to get rid of mites. About 30 minutes a day is enough to air the house, and especially the rooms, where these little pets critters to install.
  2. Clean dust, carpets and carpets regularly: use a damp cloth and a vacuum cleaner with a suitable filter to clean the dust, avoiding the conventional duster that spreads the air and does not make it dust free. For carpets, in addition to shaking them, you can aerate them for 30 to 40 minutes up to twice a week, in order to avoid accumulation of mites.
  3. Wash bedding with water over 60°C. in addition to regular bedding changes, you should choose to wash with warm water to prevent these critters from accumulating and reproducing.
  4. Avoid moisture in the home: Did you know that dehumidifiers are an excellent choice to avoid dust mites accumulation?
  5. Anti-mite products: you can find cleaning products in supermarkets that effectively eliminate mites and are not toxic to health. Find out how to apply them.

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