With cold weather comes the need of having a warm house. Rain, wind and low temperatures lead us to stay in the sofa, sheltered and enjoy some quality time with the family. Uneed gives you some useful indoor heating tips to ensure maximum comfort, safety and protection from the cold.

  1. Ideally, the temperature of the house should be between the 19ºC and the 22ºC. If you have an integrated heating system, try to keep all spaces in the house at the same room temperature. In addition to increasing the level of comfort, it will provide less consumption spikes when heating some areas of the house. If this is not the case, and use localized heating, privilege common areas and pre-warmed areas to be used (common room, sleeping quarters) to avoid spikes in consumption.
  2. Air all rooms in the house by using heat sources such as fireplaces, braziers or gas appliances. It is important to maintain the correct ventilation of the heated spaces in order to avoid the accumulation of gases harmful to health.
  3. Remember that outdoor heating equipment must never be used for interior spaces. Likewise, you should not use gas stove, oven or charcoal stove to heat the interior of the house.
  4. Avoid falling asleep too close to heating equipment. These should be kept at a safe distance from furniture, curtains or bedding.
  5. Remember to turn off heating equipment before bedtime or leaving home to avoid the risk of fire or poisoning.

If you need any repair of your heating system, Uneed Services is ready to work with the most qualified and experienced technicians. Install our app now, and remember that it’s better safe… than to cool!