Cleaning, sweeping or washing are essential, though not always fun tasks. Here, we give you 5 tricks to clean the kitchen in an easy, fast and dynamic way:

  1. Use vinegar to clean the taps: apart from being a great seasoning with salutary properties, vinegar is the answer to rid the taps of the limestone, leaving them to shine.
  2. Baking soda to clean the cooker / oven – Add baking soda to water in a spray and let the mixture work overnight in your stove / oven. The next day, it will be easier to remove the dirt.
  3. Coffee beans to eliminate odors from the refrigerator – Put ground coffee beans in a tray in the refrigerator with the door closed until the bad odors disappear.
  4. Utensils to shine with olive oil – did you know that a small amount of olive oil is enough to let the stainless steel of your kitchen ware shine?
  5. Wash cycle for the washing machine – enjoy the spring coming to let your machine run a 60 degree wash cycle without any crockery. This is the best way to clean your machine.

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