Pollen, mites and fungi are familiar words in springtime. Uneed gives you five helpful tips to avoid unwanted dust and allergies typical of this season.

  1. Avoid using duvets or feather pillows, preferring anti-mite bedding materials.
  2. Choose to wash bedding with warm water above 55 ° C every 7 days to eliminate dust mites.
  3. Do you know how to get rid the moldy surfaces? Use a solution of 1 part of chlorine to 4 parts of water for cleaning. You should always avoid mixing chlorine-based products with ammonia-based products, as this mixture releases toxic gases that are harmful to health.
  4. Ventilate closed spaces. Did you know that the humidity of any environment should be below 50%? Above it, bacteria, fungi and mites develop faster.
  5. Regularly maintain your air conditioners and air conditioners to avoid accumulating moisture in these equipment (this leads to fungi).

If you need a cleaning service, maintenance of air conditioning equipment or other, Uneed Services has the most qualified technicians ready to solve your need quickly and efficiently.

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