Because it is the savings that are the gain, Uneed gives you three useful tips to save on the household bills at the end of the month.

  1. Economic heating and cooling
    Save an average of 55% on energy consumption with modern air conditioners with a high level of energy efficiency. If possible, install double-glazed windows or replace frames to maintain a good temperature indoors, avoiding energy wastage. Also take advantage of the temperature rise to regulate the heating of the water heater, avoiding to spend too much gas during the shower.
  2. Save on lighting
    Did you know that white walls reflect light, reducing the need for artificial lighting? And that installing sensors so that the lights come on only when there is movement represents a much lower energy consumption than normal switches? In addition to these options, whenever possible, open curtains and blinds to let in as much natural light as possible, or replace standard lamps with LED or fluorescent lamps. You will see a difference in the electrical bill at the end of each month!
  3. Compare the best prices on service packages
    How many channels does your television have? Most times, you only watch 10 out of 100s included in the packages. In these cases you can always consider switching to a package with fewer options and more economical. Check with you provider (and the competition!) to reduce the service bill. Likewise, you can save on electricity and gas by comparing the best prices on the market.

If you need any installation, maintenance or repair of electricity, air conditioning or appliances, Uneed has at your disposal the most qualified technicians ready to act.

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