With the cold weather and the winter time, electric consumption tends to increase. Do you know how to save energy, reduce your invoice at the end of the month and contributing to environmental sustainability?

Uneed shows you 10 steps to ensure greater energy efficiency in your home.

  1. Use 20W low-energy fluorescent bulbs as opposed to conventional bulbs.
  2. Whenever possible, opt for appliances with A + or A ++ energy label.
  3. Avoid leaving the devices in standby mode, preferring instead to switch them off.
  4. Optimize the use of the equipment, taking advantage of the residual heat of the same.
  5. Climatize only the areas of the house that are inhabited.
  6. Maximize sun exposure by reducing electrical consumption in heating appliances.
  7. Turn off all lights that are not in use.
  8. Close and caulk doors and windows.
  9. Set the air conditioning temperature ideally at 22 ° C during the winter.
  10. Choose clothes appropriate to the season of the year, in order to minimize expenses with heating in the house.

By adopting these measures, it saves energy and money as well as helping the environment.

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